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Being responsible for salvaging what in many cases may be a family's last glimpse of a loved one, or simply a forgotten memory, is a privilege we take very seriously. At Film Rescue International we also realize and understand that not every picture will be one to be treasured. Our develop and preview system allows you to choose what you want. Your film will be...● Processed in an age-compensating developer most appropriate for your specific film.● Scanned directly from the negative ... not from a print made on a high-volume printer, as some other labs. Scans from the original negative will always be of higher quality than scans made from prints.● Digitally corrected for contrast and brightness. Most negatives from newly developed but long expired film are low contrast and need to be corrected to bring them closer to normal values.● Uploaded to our website A link to preview your images will be sent to you through e-mail, allowing you to pick any images you want copied to cd or printed. If you decide there are no images you want, you will be charged only for the processing.● Further digitally restored (optional). Once you have previewed your images, you may select any that you would like us to do more intensive restoration to. After this work, the images will be copied to cd for you.● Archived. We keep digital copies of all orders. This ensures safe delivery of images back to the customer. It also enables us to provide more in-depth restoration on any images that are of particular importance to you, without the necessity of mailing your negatives back to us.Please visit our website for additional information!